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     The home cleaning job was completed professionally and thoroughly. I'll certainly be using Carpet Cleaning Services Bounds Green again.
Mark E19/05/2020
     These are some of the best cleaners in the business. They are fast, efficient, and professional. They did a terrific job on my rug cleaning as well. Bounds Green Carpet Cleaning Company are the ones to call for house cleaning needs.
K. Branson19/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaning Services Bounds Green took care of my house cleaning at short notice. The price remained low and the standard of service remained high. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Ralph N.20/11/2017
     I hired a professional cleaning services provider to clean my upholstery and carpets. Bounds Green Carpet Cleaner offered me a competitive price and did a great job.
H. Hampton01/06/2017
     I usually have no problems in cleaning my home to a satisfactory level but recently I had been very busy at work and all the extra hours I clocked in left me with little time for my chores. My place was starting to feel neglected and I came to the decision of hiring professional cleaners to resolve this issue. I chose BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners and they've been keeping my home so nice and clean that I don't think I'll ever want to hold a mop again!
Diane Lloyd28/09/2016
     Working as a solicitor for a busy law firm means I don't have the time to clean, but BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners makes sure my apartment is always clean when I get home from a long day in the city! I trust the cleaners implicitly and they let themselves in every Tuesday and Friday. They do my laundry, iron all my shirts and make sure my kitchen and bathroom are always cleaner than clean. I don't know what I'd do without you!
     BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners were my only choice when it came to office cleaning. My workplace never stayed tidy so I needed them to take care of things. I knew their team could see to the cleaning on a regular basis, coming several times a week to get rid of litter, stain, dust, etc. They did all this and more and their help ensures my office always looks good. My staff can work properly and we can happily welcome guests, all thanks to their hard work.
T. Stevens18/12/2014
     After getting my Easter bonus this year, I thought I might as well treat myself to a one off spring clean. I wasn't expecting much, other cleaning companies I have used in my local area have simply not provided the deep clean I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised with BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners though, they sent someone over the next day, and after I got back from work, my flat just didn't look the same. It was so pristine and sparkling clean, and I was just so impressed, I couldn't help but book my cleaner again every other week for the next six months! Perfection!
Luke Y.04/09/2014
     I live in a bit of a hard to get to place and I was wondering if I'd have to pay extra to a cleaning company for my house clean to be done on a regular basis. This wasn't the case with BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners and it made their services even better value for me. The cleaning staff who visit have been helpful, friendly and give the impression they would do anything for me which has always been the case and still is. The cleaner I have is so hard-working as well as being courteous. I would like to thank her personally once again for the work she has done and continues to do. Likewise, I am happy to leave this positive review for your excellent company.
     Getting your carpet clean can be a tricky one, and I always find that the carpet shampoo that you can buy to do yourself never really works that well in the long run. I am pleased to find that BoundsGreenCarpetCleaners are on hand however, to ensure that I am never left with a disgusting carpet, as they are excellent at dealing with any number of stains, and you can be sure that I have seen them all! The prices are always reasonable, and the service is excellent, to I cannot complain in the slightest in all honesty!
Carolyn Cook31/07/2014

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